Editorial Policy

What Is the Café Connoisseur?

The Café Connoisseur is an independent organisation committed to helping people enjoy the Gold Coast and Brisbane more efficiently.  We are not a news company – all articles on this site are published for the aforementioned purpose rather than for the unbiased delivery of factual news content.

We do, however, aim to represent all products and businesses that we cover as accurately as possible.  Our goal is to honestly convey the experiences of our correspondents so our readers can make more informed decisions about which businesses and products they want to patronise. 

Correction of Errors

Although we do our best to report all product and business information correctly, our correspondents are human and occasionally make mistakes.  If you notice a factual error in our content, please contact us so we can correct it.  You can reach our editorial team at: beans@cafecon.com.au

Business & Product Coverage

We cover cafés, coffee houses, and eateries on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and any other regions we deem relevant to our readership.  We also cover products related to the manufacture and preparation of coffee.

As an independent organisation, we alone choose which products and businesses we cover, and do so based on the value we feel covering those products or businesses will provide to our readership.  We do not write promotional or ‘puff’ pieces; we may accept complimentary products in exchange for honest coverage, but any instances of this will be disclaimed at the start of any article.

Please do not contact us and attempt to ‘change our minds’ about an opinion or score we have expressed in an article.  Our reviews are based on our correspondents’ personal experiences, and do not claim to be reflective of all viewpoints or experiences.  You may invite us to re-experience your product or business, but we will only accept if we feel an additional review will benefit our readership.

Business Reviews

Our reviews of cafés, coffee houses, and eateries are summarised in the ‘Tamped Down’ section at the end of each article.  Each Tamped Down section comprises six categories, with a seventh total score (the verdict).

Each category is rated out of five stars.  Star ratings roughly correspond with the following opinions:

One StarTwo StarsThree StarsFour StarsFive Stars
There are multiple, significant problems with the category.  The category experience was completely unenjoyable.There are multiple or significant problems with the category.  The category experience was mostly unenjoyable.There are some problems with the category.  The category experience was OK.There are some minor problems with the category.  The category experience was good.There are minimal problems with the category.  The category experience was fantastic.

The verdict is not a cumulative score of the other six categories, but rather a measure of how much our correspondents would recommend visiting the business as a whole.  In this sense, it is comparable to the widely used Net Promoter Score®.